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  The story of the major hotels can be found in Castles of the North: Canada's Grand Hotels published in 2001 by Lynx Images.  In addition, there is a series of books dedicated to selected individual hotels that are available in Fairmont gift stores.  This site does not intend to repeat all the information already available in these books but rather to provide what is missing from them.  Namely, a comprehensive overview of the history of the hotel division as a whole, vintage colour images to better bring the history of these venues to life and details of the lesser properties which are mostly ignored by these publications.


gray border = postcards from our collection
black border = postcard scans downloaded from the web

(The) Algonquin Hotel
aka The Algonquin
1889-1907 (CPR purchased in 1905; 4 storeys when opened) 1908-1911 (addition) 1912-1913 (Casino building added)
1915- present (rebuilt after fire in 1914; 6 storeys)

Banff Springs Hotel

1888-1913 (5-storey wooden structure; hotel was expanded piecemeal over time)

(roof is likely coloured incorrectly in postcard)

1914-1925 (11-storey stone central tower added; likely that roof colour in postcard is incorrect)

1926-28 (-present) (fire destroyed north wing, north wing rebuilt and "south wing added")

Chateau Frontenac
1893-1897 1898-1908 (Citadel Wing & Citadel Pavilion) 1909-1914 (Mount Carmel wing) 1915-1919 (Archway wing) 1920-1924 (St. Louis Wing, Service Wing, Central Tower Block; no further changes until 1993)

Chateau Lake Louise
aka Chalet Lake Louise / Lake Louise Chalet 1890-1925)
1890-1893 (small chalet) 1894-c1896 (rebuilt after fire in 1893) c1896-1899 (addition)
1900-1912 (additions including mock Tudor extension)

1912-1923 (addition of concrete wing)
1925-2003 (new 9 storey concrete hotel after the 1900 and 1912 additions burned in 1924)       

Chateau Montebello
open 1930, owned by CPR and Lucerne-in-Quebec Community Association; operated as the private Seigniory Club until 1970 when bought by CP Hotels & Resorts and renamed Chateau Montebello

Digby Pines Hotel

aka The Digby Pines aka The Pines

first hotel built around turn of century; DAR - a CPR subsidiary - acquired around 1925 (confirm) and renovated it but demolished it in 1928; new 100-room fireproof hotel opened in 1929; CP Hotels owned property from 1931-1965; still operating

Empress Hotel

1910-1911 (addition of  very small north wing (left side of bldg))
1912 (addition of south wing) - 1928

1929-1987 (large Humboldt Wing on north side of bldg)

CPR steamships & hotel

dining room


Hotel Palliser

1914-1928 (8 storeys)

1929-present (12 storeys)

Hotel Saskatchewan
1927 (to present)        

Hotel Vancouver (old)
1888-1893 (5 storey centre block) 1893-1902 (addition of wing to left of centre block in 1893)
1903-1911 (addition of Italianate wing on right of photo)
1912-1915 (addition)
1916-1939 (15 storeys by 1916; closed in 1939)
conceptual drawing?        

Hotel Vancouver (new)
1939-present (opened); co-managed with CNR        

Place Viger Hotel (and Train Station)
aka The Place Viger

1898-1951 (hotel closed in 1935; station closed in 1951)

Royal Alexandra
note: pictures dated from 1906  up to 1958 all show the hotel with 7 stories.  Therefore,  Castles of the North's reference to the addition of 2 storeys in 1910 is a complete mystery. 

 1906-1910 (7 (1/2) storeys)

1910 - 1967 (2 stories added)

 lobby (circa 1910)


CPR station and hotel c1906

Royal York Hotel

aka The Royal York


(legend follows chart)

Cameron Lake Chalet
Cameron Lake, BC (built ?, in existence in 1912 (timberwest.com), 1930, 1935, closed?)
Castle Mountain Camp
Castle Mountain, AB (built ?,1930, 1935)
Cornwallis Inn
Kentville N.S. (built ?, 1930, 1935, 1947, closed?, B&W picture in 1944 hotel brochure)
Devil's Gap Lodge aka Devil's Gap Camp
Kenora, ON (built ?,1930, 1935, B&W picture in 1944 hotel brochure, 1947, closed?)
Emerald Lake Chalet
Field, BC (built in 1902 (NWSource.com, GLCR),1930, 1926, 1947, closed during WWII, still operating as Emerald Lake Lodge)
Fraser Canyon House dining station
1887-1896 (Swiss chalet)1897 (expanded), early 1900s (burned, rebuilt; close date unknown)
Glacier House dining station
1887-1891 (3-storey chalet)
1892-1897 (addition of 32 bedroom 1st annex)
1898-c1900 (addition of billiard & recreational building)
c1900-1903 (addition of bowling alley & observation tower)
1904-1925 (addition of 54 bedroom 2nd annex)
Kooteney Lake Hotel, Balfour, BC - opened 1911, closed during part of WWI, converted to convalescent home for soldiers 1917, closed in 1920s; see crowsnest.bc.ca for info and pics
Lake Agnes Teahouse
near Lake Louise, AB (built around 1900 (Canadian Geographic article); closed during WWII, still operating)
Lake O'Hara Lodge / Lake O'Hara Bungalow Camp
Hector, BC (built in 1913 (NWSource.com)- 1926 (Canadian Geographic article) (see GLCR for complete details), 1930, 1935, 1947, closed during WWII, still operating; see my 1930 Lake O'Hara brochure for pictures)
Lake Wapta Lodge
Hector, BC (built in 1921 (NWSource.com), 1930, 1935, 1947, closed during WWII, closed?; picture in 1930 Lake O'Hara brochure)
Lakeside Inn
Yarmouth, N.S. (built ?, 1935, 1947, closed during WWII, closed ?)
McAdam Hotel
McAdam N.B. (opened Dec 5, 1904 (rootsweb.com),1926, 1930, 1947, closed?)
Moraine Lake Lodge
near Lake Louise, AB (built 1908-1912 (morainelake.com), 1930, 1935, 1947, closed during WWII, still operating)
Mount Stephen House dining station1886-1901 (515 rooms)1902-1953 (increased to 100 rooms)
Plain of Six Glaciers Tea House
near Lake Louise, AB (built in 1927 (Canadian Geographic article) closed during WWII, still operating)
Shadow Lake Lodge
built in 1928 as a rest stop (Canadian Geographic article, GLCR); still operating
Twin Falls Teahouse
near Field, BC (built between 1908 and 1923 (Canadian Geographic article, GLCR) closed during WWII, still operating
Wapta Lodge Bungalow Camp - see Lake Wapta Lodge
Yoho Valley Lodge
near Field, BC (built ?,1930, 1935, 1947, closed during WWII; picture in 1930 Lake O'Hara brochure)


The Admiral Beatty Hotel (owned and operated by the Admiral Beatty Hotel Co. Ltd.)
Saint John, NB (built 1924-45,
B&W picture in 1944 hotel brochure, 1947, restored as Rotary Admiral Beatty (seniors) Complex in 1985)
Columbia Icefield Chalet
near Lake Louise, AB (1947,
French River Chalet-Bungalow Camp
French River, ON (built ?, 1930, 1935,
B&W picture in 1944 hotel brochure, 1947, closed?)
Harrison Hot Springs Hotel
Agassiz, BC (built ?, 1930, 1935, 1947,
Hotel Incola aka Incola Hotel (operated by Kettle Valley Railway although 1923 borchure says operated by the Okanagan Hotel Company)
Penticton, BC (built ?, picture from 1916 and 1923 brochures available at crowsnest.bc.ca, 1930, 1935,
Hotel Sicamous - see Sicamous Hotel
Lord Nelson Hotel (operated by the Lord Nelson Hotel Co. Ltd.)
Halifax, NS (built ?, found 1929 reference,
1944, B&W picture in 1944 hotel brochure; still operating)
Mount Assiniboine Lodge
Banff, AB opened 1928 (built ?,GLCR), (1930, 1935, 1947,
Nipigon River Camp
Nipigon, ON (built ?, 1930,
Radium Hot Springs (Lodge)
Radium, BC (1930, 1935,
B&W picture in 1944 hotel brochure, 1947, closed?)
Sicamous Hotel
Sicamous, BC (built ?,
picture from 1916 brochure available at crowsnest.bc.ca, 1926, 1930, 1935, 1947, closed?)
Sunshine Lodge
Banff, AB (
built ?, 1947, closed?)

"1947" = listed in 1947 railway timetable
"1944" = 1944 Canadian Pacific Hotels booklet (same source for "closed during WWII"); differentiates between owned & associated properties
"1935" = 1935 railway map
"1930" = Resorts in the Canadian Rockies brochure
"1926" = listed on back of 1926 Chateau Lake Louise menu
GLCR = Great Lodges of the Canadian Rockies



  1880s 1890s 1900s 1910s 1920s 1930s 1940s 1950s 1960-present
Algonquin Hotel 1889               Fairmont as of 1999
Banff Springs Hotel 1888               Fairmont as of 1999
Chateau Frontenac   1893             Fairmont as of 1999
Chateau Lake Louise   1890             Fairmont as of 1999
Chateau Montebello*           (1930)     open to public 1970; Fairmont as of 1999
The Digby Pines*         1929       sold 1965; still open
Empress Hotel     1908           Fairmont as of 1999
Hotel Newfoundland                 purchased 1988, Fairmont as of 1999
Hotel Palliser       1914         Fairmont as of 1999
Hotel Saskatchewan         1927       Radisson as of 1992
Hotel Vancouver** 1888         1939     Fairmont as of 1999
Place Viger Hotel   1898       1935     office building since 1951
Royal Alexandria Hotel     1906           closed 1967; destroyed 1971
Royal York Hotel         1929       Fairmont as of 1999


3 as of 1889 6as of 1898 8 as of 1908 9 as of 1914 12 as of 1929 12 until 1935 11          11  11 till '65, 10 till '67, 9 till '70; 10 till '88,
11 from '88


  1880s 1890s 1900s 1910s 1920s 1930s 1940s 1950s 1960-present
Cameron Lake Chalet       ?   ?      
Castle Mountain Camp         1929       still open
Cornwallis Inn           ? ?    
Devil's Gap Lodge           ? ?    
Emerald Lake Chalet     1902           still open
Fraser Canyon House 1887     ?          
Glacier House 1887       1925        
Lake Agnes Teahouse     c1900           still open
Lake O'Hara Lodge       1913         still open
Lake Wapta Lodge         1921   ?    
Lakeside Inn           ? ?    
McAdam Hotel     1904       ?    
Moraine Lake Lodge     1908           still open
Mount Stephen House 1886             1953  
Plain of Six Glaciers Tea House         1927       still open
Shadow Lake Lodge         1928       still open
Twin Falls Teahouse     1908           still open
Yoho Valley Lodge           ? ?    




  1880s 1890s 1900s 1910s 1920s 1930s 1940s 1950s 1960-present
The Admiral Beatty Hotel         1925       1985
Columbia Icefield Chalet                  
French River Camp           ? ?    
Harrison Hot Springs Hotel           ? ?    
Hotel Incola       ?   ?      
Lord Nelson Hotel (CPR co-owners) see Castles of the North         1928       still open
Mount Assiniboine Lodge           ? ?    
Radium Hot Springs (Lodge)           ? ?    
Sicamous Hotel       ?     ?    
Sunshine Lodge                  



*see detailed history for details of this property ownership
**new Hotel Vancouver replaced old one in 1939


As of 2004, all major hotels remain in operation under the Fairmont banner (which also acquired many historic CN hotels) except for Digby Pines which is independently owned.  A complete listing of Fairmont Hotels and Resorts' current properties can be found at their web site.  The other properties that remain open are all independently owned and operated and all have their own web sites in case you would like to find out how you can visit them.



Queen Elizabeth, Montreal - opened 1958
Jasper Park Lodge, Jasper Park, AB - bungalows open 1922, main lodge opens 1923, CP Hotels & Resorts buys in 1988
Keltic Lodge, Ingonish, N.S.
Minaki Lodge, Minaki, ON - opened in 1914 by GTR and closed during war; reopened by CNR in 1927
The Nova Scotian, Halifax, N.S. - 1930
Hotel Newfoundland, St. John's NF - purchased by CNR in 1949, new hotel built in 1982, old hotel demolished 1983; CP Hotels buys property in 1988
The Charlottetown, Charlottetown, PEI - built 1931, sold 1964
Bessborough Hotel, Saskatoon - opened 1935
Hotel Vancouver (New) - opened 1939 (co-managed with CPR)

GRAND TRUNK RAILWAY (later CNR when GTR went bankrupt near end of WWI)
Chateau Laurier, Ottawa - opened 1912
The Fort Garry, Winnipeg - opened 1913

Hotel Macdonald, Edmonton, AB - opened 1915

Prince of Wales Hotel, Waterton Lakes national Park, AB

Prince Edward Hotel, Brandon, MB - opened 1912, demolished 1980



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